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Covid-19 Awareness

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Myseater COVID-19 Awareness
(For All Vehicle Owners And Passengers)

The outbreak of the global pandemic, COVID-19 has led to a change in the way of living among individuals and organizations.
At Myseater, we believe that the health of vehicle owners and passengers is very paramount and of utmost priority and we cannot neglect to factor it in.
We have taken important and crucial steps to ensure that vehicle owners and passengers enjoy their experience while engaging Myseater even amidst the current global situation.

In order to achieve a safer experience for both vehicle owners and passengers and as part of our fight against the spread of COVID-19, below are some health awareness tips everyone should adhere to:

  • Vehicle owners, drivers and passengers must comply with the approved government carriage capacity standard.
  • Nose mask must be used in all vehicles.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers must be used in all vehicles.
  • Myseater will provide hand sanitizers for every vehicle.
  • Passengers must endeavour to maintain social distancing.

These health awareness tips are to help guide and enable everyone to have a safer experience with Myseater.

If you experience any signs or symptons of the virus, don’t fail to contact NDCDC for quick assistance.

Contact NCDC